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Thinking of transporting your motorcycle yourself?

Ask yourself some simple questions about the logistics of transporting your motorcycle, consider the cost of:

  • Hiring a van or trailer and having to book a day off work to collect and return it

  • Fuel costs in filling a van

  • Time lost spent in traffic

  • Getting ratchets, straps and wheel chocks

  • Finding a ramp

  • Additional insurance costs

Trackday Motorcycle Transport

Reliable, safe and fast trackday motorcycle transport to any circuit nationwide. We will transport you and your motorbike with room for 2 passengers, two bikes, kit, fuel, spares and two unique helmet lockers.

Paradise City Cycles are established specialists in motorcycle transport providing an efficient and cost-effective pre-booked motorcycle transport service to popular motorcycle destinations in the UK, such as Castle Donington in Leicestershire, Silverstone in Northamptonshire and Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk. Perfect for getting you and your motorbike safely and securely to your track day event.

Paradise City Cycles specialist motorbike transport provides a fast, efficient and friendly motorcycle transport service for all your motorbike transport needs. We are located in Hemel Hempstead with fast easy access to the main arterial routes in the Home Counties allowing for fast motorcycle transport to any location in the UK via the M1 in Hertfordshire, M25, North Circular, A41 in Buckinghamshire, A1 in Herts, A10 in Herts and M40 in Bucks, London and Bedfordshire

At Paradise City Cycles all our motorbike transport drivers are bikers and ride motorbikes, so we know of the ins and outs of motorcycling and have experience and a very unique perspective on correctly handling and securing motorbikes.

We know how to handle bikes confidently, correctly & with respect, our motorcycle recovery vehicles are bespoke and designed specifically to safely carry motorcycles. You can be sure once your bike is strapped in its not moving during transit.

All our motorcycle transport drivers are riders

Your point of drop off is flexible and there are no restrictions with us at all. If you want taking home or to the nearest motorcycle dealer garage, or even to work that's all you have to ask for. You simply pay the fixed call out fee and then per mile rate to the point of recovery.

Flexible motorbike transport service

Our motorcycle transport rates are competitive and excellent value. There are no annual memberships or packages to be tied in to and prices are transparent.

Most importantly we are owner operators and love the work we do in transporting motorcycles and riders so our service is always a friendly & accommodating one.

Competitive motorcycle transport rates

The best motorcycle transport service totally dedicated to bikers

  • 24 Hour motorcycle transport service

  • Experienced in handling motorbikes

  • Real life motorbike transport knowledge

  • Total motorbike experience; We ride, we know

  • Use us instead of the doing it yourself - save time

  • UK coverage - nationwide to any location

  • Recommended by local motorcycle garages and motorbike shops - ask around

  • Established specialists in motorcycle transport

About Paradise City Cycles

Looking for motorcycle transport? Paradise City Cycles was founded by Matt Bruce, an avid motorcyclist from a young age but an electrician by trade. Matt was the 'Man with the Van' that biker mates would ask to pick up their new purchases or call in an emergency when they'd dropped their bikes.

In 2013 Matt decided to hang up his tools & follow his passion for motorcycles by creating a biker focused transport service for motorbikes. Not just an ordinary mainstream recovery service behind a brightly coloured van but a service that showed respect and care for the motorbikes that are being transported or recovered.

Today Matt is the man that might come to meet you and your bike, if he is he will happily talk motorbikes, motorcycles, bikes or about any of his other hobbies cycling, snowboarding, skate boarding & surfing. Call us today on 07919 577 386 for motorbike transport.

Safe & Secure Motorcycle Transport

Each motorbike is different, so we use the right amount of straps for the job whether it be 4, 6 or 8 straps. Motorbikes are always hand rolled up the professional non slip ramp unless damage requires us to use the on-board 2-tonne motorcycle winch. The ramp is designed to carry a 600kg load safely, in addition we have a longer 3m length ramp for low bikes so they wont ground out.

Each van is installed with bright LED lighting in the back, in the loading area and extra around doors for clear visibility & safety. High Visibility jackets available for passengers as well as driver during recovery to ensure your safety at the roadside.

With a spacious load area never any chance of two bikes touching or rubbing, bikes are held in place vertically with the correct chocks & straps. There is no need for padding as there is no movement during transit - once they are in, they are locked in tight. See photos for an example of two bikes loaded.

"Thank you for your service and offer of free recovery today. It was in the true spirit of the day. I shall be speaking of you far and wide. Thanks again."

"Great service and awesome timing, dads happy to be home. Spread the word people!"

"Thanks for a first class service, a friendly chat and most of all, getting us and the R1 home safely!"

Feedback from our clients

Don't take our word for it, read through the many testimonials we receive from
our clients about our past motorbike recoveries

Call us on 07919 577 386 now to

book motorcycle transport

Trackday Motorbike Transport

Call us on 07919 577 386 now
to book motorbike transport

Motorbike Transport Service

Paradise City Cycles are based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and provide motorbike transport services in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire as well as to popular destinations nationwide or any destination of your choosing.

Our central location allows us fast access to the main arterial routes of England including the M1, M25, M4, A41, A1, A10, London and the North Circular allowing us to provide a pre-booked motorcycle transport service to popular destinations in the UK, such as Castle Donington in Leicestershire, Silverstone, Northamptonshire and Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk. Perfect for getting you and your motorbike safely and securely to your track day event.

Areas We Cover

Bespoke & unique helmet lockers for two helmets - brain child of Matt as he hated sitting with his helmet on his lap during a journey, having it on the floor isn't an option & in an accident they are as dangerous as a cannon ball so Matt has designed & hand built two padded helmet sized lockers to keep them safe in transit.

In-cab creature comforts include, air con, heating, sat nav, a kettle for tea & coffee, water, DAB radio, wifi, phone charger, a clean & comfy seat for two passengers plus a friendly driver!

Secure Helmet Storage

Motorcycles strapped down in van for transport

Fully Insured Motorbike Transport

Specialist Motor Trade Road Risk and Goods In Transit Insurance policies are in place to insure your bike up to £20,000 while in our care. Limit increase is available if required at an extra charge.

Call us on 07919 577 386 now for

specialist motorcycle transport

Specialist Motorcycle Transport

Trackday Motorbike Transport

Trackdays are exciting to attend and allow riders to refine their cornering skills without having to worry about the usual distractions on public roads as they take place on closed tracks.

Getting to and from a trackday event can be a worry, what if you ride your motorbike to the track but your bike gets damaged or what if your motorbike gets damaged at the track, how will you get home? What if you need to take supplies, fuel, spares and tools along with you?

Paradise City Cycles will transport you and your motorbike to your trackday safely and bring you back home all for highly competitive rates.

Trackday Motorcycle Transport
Trackday Motorbike Transport
Trackday Motorcycle Transport
Trackday Motorbike Transport
Trackday Motorcycle Transport
Trackday Motorbike Transport

Why use a motorcycle transport service?

You may be planning a trackday at one of Britain's popular racing circuits. Why risk potentially damaging your motorbike just getting to the track?

You might be moving home and don't want to risk damaging your motorbike using regular removal services.

Your classic motorbike might need specialist repair work done requiring delivery and collection from the repair garage.

You may have purchased a new motorbike and don't want to damage it riding it off the forecourt


You might be attending a motorcycle event and want your motorbike at the event in undamaged condition


Ride-outs, Motorcycle Shows, Biker Rallies, Swap Meets, Charity runs, Toy Runs, Rock nights, Bike Meets, Bike Rally, Biker Party, Concours Events and more...

Professional and fully insured motorcycle transport and recovery

07919 577 386

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